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URL Redirection and QR Code Hosting Service

Create unlimited URL redirects and dynamic QR codes. Seamlessly integrated with a realtime visitor targeting platform.

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Effortless Redirects

Gain full control over your redirects with our reliable and scalable redirect hosting solution. Get fully automated HTTPS support (SSL certificates), real-time traffic statistics, and path + query-string redirection rules. All under a simple and easy to use platform.

Smart QR Codes

Create QR codes that dynamically scan to different destinations based on your own unique visitor targeting rules. SiteDetour's robust visitor targeting engine allows you to personalize QR code destinations based on visitor geolocation, time of day, device type, and much more.

Realtime Personalization

SiteDetour's audience builder allows you to easily customize the behavior of your QR codes and redirects based on granular targeting logic. Deploy personalized campaigns that deliver the right message to the right audience.

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Redirect Management -Made Easy.

Using SiteDetour takes the hassle out of configuring, hosting, and maintaining your 301/302 redirects. No more SSL renewal headaches. No more cumbersome htaccess rules. Enjoy your newfound peace of mind.
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Automatic HTTPS Support
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Streamlined DNS Configurations
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Real-time Traffic Metrics
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Multi-User Team Support
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Single Sign On (SSO)
Dynamic QR Code

Flexible QR Code Hosting.

Deploy dynamic QR codes that can scan to multiple destinations.

Update your QR code's destination at any time.

Deploy a QR code through SiteDetour and have the ability to seamlessly edit the underlying target URL at any time.

Easily configure the look and feel of your QR code.

Manage the color, look and feel, and even embed your own logo within the QR code graphic. Simply download your QR code as a PNG or SVG file.

Real-time Personalization For Your Redirects

Build unique business logic for how your visitors should be redirected.

Design Visitor Audiences

Segment your visitors based on geolocation, device information, date & time of request, and much more.

Customize Redirect Behaviors

Target specific visitors and conditionally redirect them to alternative destinations. Apply your own custom business logic to influence the redirect's behavior.

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Analytics Dashboard

The Easiest URL Redirect Service on the Web.

SiteDetour powers thousands of high-traffic domains through our intuitive and easy to use platform.

Seamlessly define path and query-parameter redirection rules

The SiteDetour console allows you to manage thousands of unique redirect rules for your domains - all from an easy to use dashboard. Looking to automate things? Check out our API.

The Premier HTTPS Redirect Service: Simplifying SSL for You

SiteDetour’s HTTPS Redirect Service automates the cumbersome process of SSL certificate generation and management. By partnering with trusted Certificate Authorities like LetsEncrypt, we alleviate this technical overhead. This means no more manual renewals, no unexpected certificate expirations, just uninterrupted secure redirections. With SiteDetour, you get the assurance of security coupled with operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Flexible, simple pricing for all.



5 Hosted Domain Names
+ "www" subdomains included free

20 Hosted Smart QR codes

Automatic HTTPS / SSL Support

Real-time Traffic Analytics

REST API for Integrations

Unlimited Team Members



30 Hosted Domain Names
+ "www" subdomains included free

250 Hosted Smart QR codes

Automatic HTTPS / SSL Support

Unlimited Redirect Destinations via path-based rules

Real-time Traffic Analytics

REST API for Integrations

Unlimited Team Members

24-hour Support Response Time


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Create unlimited hosted redirects, smart QR codes, and personalization audiences

Everything included from the "Professional" plan

Priority Support

Onboarding and Import Assistance

Single Sign On (SSO) Support

Flexible monthly pricing based on your number of domains configured, starting at $175.00/month


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100% uptime SLA

Premium Support

Customizable subscription plans

Dedicated IP

SiteDetour Makes Link Management Easy!

Unlock the power of Dynamic QR Codes and streamline your URL Redirect management with SiteDetour.

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