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Dynamic QR Code Platform

Generate unlimited, scannable QR codes. Integrate your unique business logic for real-time targeting of your visitors.

Create Dynamic QR Codes

Seamlessly generate QR codes that can be used throughout your digital and printed media. Need to update the destination of a QR code? Simply update the QR destination anytime in seconds!

Target different audiences with Personalization

Deploy real-time personalized QR codes that dynamically redirect to unique locations based on your own targeting criteria and logic. Build sophisticated conditions and rules all from our intuitive audience builder.

Realtime Tracking and Monitoring

Gain instant insights into your users, enabling you to identify trends about how your QR codes are being scanned. Use this data to attribute conversions and users to specific physical campaigns, linking offline interactions with digital insights - a feat achievable only with QR codes.

Dynamic QR Code Generation

How It Works:

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Step 1:

Create a new QR Code

Use SiteDetour's QR code manager to generate a new QR code in seconds!

Enter some basic information, including a user-friendly name and description. In addition, specify the Default Target URL you would like visitors to be taken to upon scanning your new QR code. This is the destination that users will be redirected to, and it can be changed at any time.

(optional) Step 2:

Customize the Look and Feel of your QR Code

Customize your QR code by applying your brand's color palette, your preferred QR code settings, and even overlaying your logo onto the QR code!

Seamlessly apply these changes via the SiteDetour console, all with a few clicks.

QR Code Customization Options
QR Code Personalization Modal
(Optional) Step 3:

Create Personalized Targets to Customize QR Behavior

Associate your QR code with your Personalization Audiences to adjust where the QR code takes visitors. You can build your own logic to fully customize the QR code.

For example, you could dynamically send visitors to a particular destination based on the country they are scanning from and their device's language preference.

Robust personalization capabilities, including:

Real-time Customization For Redirects


Visitor's Country

Visitor's Continent

Radius on a map

Web Browser:

Web Browser

Visitor's Device Type

Visitor's Operating System

Visitor's Preferred Language

Visitor's Referrer Type

HTTP Traffic:

Request Query Parameters


Visitor's Day of Week

Visitor's Hour of Day

Visitor's Time of Day

Day of Week in UTC Timezone

Hour of Day in UTC Timezone

Time of Day in UTC Timezone

Visitor's Timezone

External APIs, and much more..

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Our team will happily walk you through our platform and pricing to find a solution that perfectly fits your agency’s unique needs. The best part? You can try SiteDetour and experience all its benefits absolutely free.
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Customize Your Links and Codes to Reach Those That Need to Hear You Most

Audience Builder is powerful and simple to implement. Target users and personalize campaigns with custom parameters and 30+ metrics to drive engagement.

Engage Users More Effectively with a Targeted Approach

Create personalized QR Codes and URL Redirects that dynamically redirect users based on your unique targeting criteria. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all campaigns and hello to precision marketing.

Create targeted audiences

Build, Tailor, and Convert

Drive conversions by delivering personalized experiences that speak directly to your audience's interests and preferences.

Build Targeted Audiences

Build specific audience segments using more than 30 powerful metrics.

Real-time Audience Insights

Use powerful analytics to tailor your message to resonate deeply with those that needs to hear it most.

Create Brand Loyalists

Precise marketing gets people in the door. A great user experience keeps people coming back and shouting your praises.

How it works

Use SiteDetour's rule building interface to easily attach audiences.

For example, an audience could be defined as "All visitors outside the United States."

Visitor Audience Creation

Add parameters using over 30 powerful metrics in our platform.

Target users by geographic location, device type, time of day and so much more!

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Create audiences so you're reaching those that need you most.

Add an audience to your URL Redirects and QR Codes. When someone is redirected and meets the requirements of your audience, they'll receive a tailored experience.

A screenshot of the SiteDetour platform audience builder

Use real-time analytics to make informed decisions about how audiences are interacting with your brand.

Use data to optimize your customer experience.

A screenshot of the SiteDetour platform analytics dashboard

Full-Suite Support

We offer a full suite of tools to support your management of redirects and links.

Use QR Codes with confidence

Dynamic QR Code Generation

Ship QR Codes at scale and update their destinations after they’re live.

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Instant insights that help you make informed decisions

Real-time User Analytics

Track and analyze the performance of your Redirects, URLs and QR Codes.

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URL Redirect Link Management

Scalable Redirect Management

Simplify your URL redirects with our intuitive UI and automated SSL generation.

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Create Tailored Audiences Effortlessly

Unlock the power of precision marketing today, and build your first audience in minutes!

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts Today

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all campaigns and hello to precision marketing with Audience Builder.

URL Redirect Link Management