Secure and Streamlined Workflows for Government Agencies

SiteDetour simplifies URL and QR code management, improves data security, and provides robust analytics to optimize public engagement, so you can focus on impactful work.

Streamline Workflows Across Teams

Managing multiple URLs and QR codes manually is time-consuming and often prone to errors. With SiteDetour, you can simplify these tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—serving your community. Our intuitive dashboard ensures you can manage all your links and codes effortlessly, reducing frustration and enhancing efficiency.

  • Save time and reduce errors with an easy-to-use, visual interface.

  • Simplify link updates across all platforms in one place.

  • Focus more on impactful work, less on technical details.

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Secure Your Data with Confidence

Data security is always a top concern for government work. SiteDetour prioritizes data security with advanced features like automated HTTPS provisioning and permissions-based controls for your team members. This ensures that all data associated with your URLs and QR codes remains secure and private.

  • Protect sensitive information with industry leading security features.

  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and misuse.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing the data you control is safe.

Revolutionize Public Engagement and Data Security with SiteDetour

Scalable URL Redirect Management

SiteDetour offers scalable URL redirect management for government agencies, allowing you to update and control URLs from a centralized platform. Easily manage numerous campaigns, ensuring your communications are organized and effective.

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Dynamic QR Code Generation

Generate dynamic QR codes that update without reprinting, saving time and resources. Ideal for public information kiosks, event schedules, or emergency updates, SiteDetour keeps your QR codes current and relevant.

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Real Time Analytics for Every Link

Gain insights into URL and QR code performance with real-time analytics. Track engagement, understand user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize outreach, ensuring efficient and impactful resource use.

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Automated Security

SiteDetour automates data security with advanced encryption and access controls. Protect sensitive information and ensure all redirects and QR codes meet the highest security standards, reducing breach risks.

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Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless team collaboration with SiteDetour, allowing multiple users to manage URLs and QR codes. Improve coordination and consistency across communications, essential for government agencies.

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Reliable Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and maximizing features. SiteDetour offers reliable support to ensure smooth operations, crucial for uninterrupted service in government agencies.

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Engage Citizens with Timely and Relevant Information

Improve the impact of your public service announcements and engage citizens more effectively by tailoring your communication to their schedules and locations.


  • Visitor's Country

  • Visitor's Continent

  • Radius on a map


  • Visitor's Day of Week

  • Visitor's Hour of Day

  • Visitor's Time of Day

  • Day of Week in UTC Timezone

  • Hour of Day in UTC Timezone

  • Time of Day in UTC Timezone

  • Visitor's Timezone

Web Browser:

  • Web Browser

  • Visitor's Device Type

  • Visitor's Operating System

  • Visitor's Preferred Language

  • Visitor's Referrer Type

HTTP Traffic:

  • Request Query Parameters

API connection for more powerful SiteDetour functionality.

Integrate all of SiteDetour’s powerful features into your current stack with our API.

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Reach Your Community More Effectively

Manage URLs, generate dynamic QR codes, and access real-time analytics effortlessly. Ensure data security and engage your community with targeted outreach. Streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and deliver impactful messages. Empower your team with seamless collaboration and reliable support.

Boost Efficiency Instantly

Simplify URL and QR code management, saving time and reducing errors.

Improved Security

Protect sensitive data with automated security features and encryption.

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Streamline and Secure Your Public Communications

Don’t let inefficiencies hold you back. Sign up for SiteDetour today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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