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Dynamic QR Codes for Print Media and Marketing

The use of QR codes in print media has rapidly increased, providing businesses with a new way to connect with customers that was not possible before. SiteDetour makes the process easier than ever, allowing you to customize your QR codes with your company’s colors and logo, track analytics in real time, change the target destinations whenever you want, and even personalize your QR codes so that they send users to different destinations based on location, time, device, and more.

Create, Monitor, and Reconfigure QR Codes on the Fly

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One Platform,

In-Person Experiences
Printed QR codes are a fantastic way to improve in-person experiences, whether your customers are opening a menu, accessing a registration form, pulling up the latest information, and everything in between. After you’ve printed your QR codes, you can reconfigure them at any time at any time, meaning they’ll last as long as you need them.
Packaging and Inventory
Printing dynamic QR codes on product packaging can increase operational efficiency and create a better customer experience. Employees can use QR codes to manage inventory, with different websites being displayed depending on where the product is scanned. Customers can also use QR codes to access product information or contact customer service with ease.
Marketing and Advertising
As companies experiment with QR codes in print media, they’re discovering just how incredibly effective they can be. The convenience and immediacy they provide encourages engagement and can significantly boost ROAS for magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, brochures, and much more.

The First and Only QR Code Platform to Support Personalization

Leverage the power of more than 30 diverse targeting choices to tailor the functionality of your QR Codes. By considering factors such as the user's language, time of day, location, and many more, you can craft highly intricate and distinct audiences. Additionally you have the ability to combine multiple rules including audiences. This guarantees an exceptionally personalized user experience.

Real-time Customization For Redirects
Customize Your Look
Fully customize your QR codes with brand-specific options like color, style, logo, and more to encourage interaction and provide your customers with a consistent experience.
Change Your Target Destination Retroactively
Just because your QR is printed doesn’t mean you can’t change it — SiteDetour makes it easy to edit the target destinations of your
Dynamic QR codes whenever you want, perfect for running seasonal promotions and campaigns, or simply updating whenever your website changes.
Add Personalization Rules
SiteDetour is the first and only QR code platform to support
personalization. The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to configure your QR codes based on a wide range of targeting parameters, such as geolocation, time, day of the week, and device type. Set up your QR codes to show menus that change based on the time of day, websites that display in the local language, and more.
Enjoy Real-time Analytics
With real-time analytics available directly in your dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze performance and get the most out of your QR codes. Break down your data by date, location, and referring domains to identify trends in audience behavior and monitor the impact of any updates you make.

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