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What are AI Art based QR Codes?

If you haven’t yet seen the new QR codes that incorporate AI-generated art, then prepare to be amazed. Combining the power of generative AI with the accessibility of QR codes, these next-gen barcodes don’t just boast impressive technology under the hood — they’re visually stunning as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, they can be generated within seconds by anyone, without any coding knowledge or artistic ability. Of course, AI-generated QR code designs offer a variety of benefits for companies and organizations across a wide range of applications. Marketing, in particular, is an area where this new technology can provide a significant advantage for businesses that understand how to leverage it. Keep reading to learn all about QR code art, including how it works, what the benefits are, and how to start generating your own.

AI and AI-Generated Art

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but new capabilities have catapulted AI technology into the public spotlight. At its most basic, AI is the ability for computer programs to replicate human intelligence. To do this, computer scientists and programmers think about the various things that human brains are able to do, and then they try to build computer programs that can do those same things. Examples of these skills are reasoning and problem-solving, planning and decision making, learning and knowledge acquisition, perception and recognition, natural language processing, and social intelligence. Sometimes the computer programs follow a similar process to human thinking in order to accomplish these tasks. Other times the process is different, but the end result resembles human intelligence on the surface.

Generative AI deals with developing computer programs that can create text, images, and other media in response to instructions entered by the user. Examples of these programs are ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney. These programs use sophisticated algorithms and deep-learning models to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns. Based on the examples they find, the computer programs synthesize similar content in order to create something entirely new. For example, if the user asks for an illustration of a beach, then the program will find other illustrations of beaches, identify similarities between them, and then create something that resembles the other examples. The concept of how it works is fairly straightforward, but it can be quite amazing to see a computer program respond to a request and produce something original all on its own.

The Power of QR Codes

QR code with a snow covered mountain

The use of QR codes in marketing and advertising has exploded recently, and QR codes provide a range of benefits that are enjoyed by both businesses and consumers. Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are two-dimensional barcodes that can be instantly scanned using a smartphone. They were invented in Japan, and their original use was for tracking inventory. However, it didn’t take long for people to notice their potential applications in advertising. QR codes give marketers a way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, allowing users to immediately access information, unlock a discount, open a sign-up form, buy a product, and countless other applications.

QR Code AI Art Will Blow You Away

Qr Code in the shape of a house

Imagine a QR code that's not just a boring black and white grid, but a beautiful piece of art made with the help of AI. These art-inspired QR codes aren't just nice to look at; they make people want to scan them more. It's like magic – the prettier the QR code, the more people are curious about what's behind it. In simple terms, turning QR codes into art pieces is a brilliant way to get more attention and interaction. So next time you see a colorful and unique QR code, know that there's some smart tech and artistry behind it!

Additional Benefits of QR Code Art

More engagement with your QR codes is generally the primary goal of any campaign, but AI-generated QR code designs offer even more benefits. Take a look at some of the other ways smart businesses and organizations are gaining an edge by leveraging this new technology:

Personalization and Branding

By enabling increased visual flexibility, AI-generated QR codes are great for reinforcing branding and personalization. Rather than compromising a beautiful ad by adding a generic black-and-white barcode, companies can maintain a consistent brand experience. QR code art can easily incorporate logos, color schemes, brand mascots, fonts, and anything else that makes up a company’s brand identity. The cohesion this creates is particularly important for brands that prioritize an authentic personality or high-end experiences.

Print and Physical Applications

The improved aesthetics of AI-generated QR code designs extends beyond digital spaces. Print ads, murals, and in-store decor are just a few of the uses businesses are finding for QR code art. For example, retail stores have started incorporating these QR codes into their displays, providing shoppers with interactive experiences and exclusive offers when scanned. Companies are also collaborating with artists to create installations that inspire viewers while encouraging them to interact with their brand.

Innovative Experiences

The first generation of QR codes offered straightforward links to websites or product pages. However, AI-generated QR codes are enabling companies and organizations to provide new kinds of interactive experiences. By incorporating animation, augmented reality, and interactive elements, these codes can surprise and delight users when scanned. These immersive experiences make the ads more memorable, encourage sharing, and help users connect with the brand.

How to Create AI-Generated QR Code Art

The best part about AI-generated QR codes is that SiteDetour does all the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can have vibrant, jaw-dropping QR codes in a matter of minutes. QR code platforms are starting to add AI-generated art to their QR code generators, which not only makes it easy for you to take advantage of this new technology, but they provide a range of powerful features to boost performance.

If you’re interested in creating your own QR codes, SiteDetour’s QR code generator is a fantastic place to start. The powerful, intuitive platform is completely free to try, so you can experiment with the AI art generator and see what kind of magical creations you can come up with. Simply type an explanation of how you want the QR code to look, and let the AI create something completely original. You can then tweak your instructions until your QR code looks exactly how you want it to. The platform also lets you create QR codes with custom colors, styles, and even your own logo.

In addition to having full control over the physical appearance of your QR codes, SiteDetour’s platform lets you edit the destination users are directed to at any time, add personalization rules to show relevant content to different users, and monitor performance analytics through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Other Benefits of SiteDetour’s Dynamic QR Codes

Change Your Target Destination Retroactively

Just because your QR is printed doesn’t mean you can’t change it — SiteDetour makes it easy to edit the target destinations of your QR codes whenever you want, perfect for running seasonal promotions and campaigns, or simply updating whenever your website changes.

Add Personalization Rules

SiteDetour is the first and only QR code platform to support personalization. The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to configure your QR codes based on a wide range of targeting parameters on your users including:

  • Country
  • Time of Day
  • Device Type
  • Language on Device
  • Weather
  • Specific Geo Location
  • and much more...

Enjoy Real-time Analytics

With real-time analytics available directly in your dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze performance and get the most out of your QR codes. Break down your data by date, location, and referring domains to identify trends in audience behavior and monitor the impact of any updates you make.

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