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URL Redirects That Are Easy On Your Team and Better For Your Clients

Empower your agency with scalable solutions designed for growth. Simplify the complexities of URL Redirect and QR Code management, enhance team collaboration, and impress clients with optimized, data-driven marketing strategies.

Send Clients' Customers to the Perfect Page with URL Redirects

With a reliable up-time of 99.95%, detailed performance tracking, and role-based permissions for team collaboration, our platform ensures your team has the ability to manage all your clients' URL Redirects. By integrating with your existing tools and providing path-based redirection, SiteDetour is the preferred solution for agencies managing multiple clients and campaigns.

  • 99.95% up-time means your confidence for your clients

  • Intuitive and collaborative interface lets your team work together

  • Automated security with SSL and HSTS support so you can focus on creating the best campaigns

Target users
Use QR Codes with confidence

Increase Campaign Flexibility and Drive Results with Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes let you update link destinations even after shipping, so you don’t need to worry if the client pivots post-launch. You can always update QR Codes without reprinting or redeploying.

  • A scalabale solution no matter how many clients you’re supporting

  • Real-Time Analytics make reporting to your clients easy

  • Audience Builder lets you utilize the power of precise marketing

Don’t Get Caught Without The Features You Need

Scalable URL Redirect Management

Don't let redirects slow you down. Just add your client's domain to SiteDetour and specify the destination URL. When users visit the old link, they'll be automatically redirected to the new one, ensuring they always reach the intended page.

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Dynamic QR Code Generation

Print, package, and market with Dynamic QR Codes. Our QR Code platform let’s you ship with confidence knowing that you can update your codes anytime without having to reprint what’s already out in the world.

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Real Time Analytics for Every Link

Gain instant insights into your visitors, enabling you to identify high-performing audience segments and optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

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Automated Security

SiteDetour automates link security so you and your clients can rest easy and focus on building the best campaigns possible.

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Team Collaboration

Invite your entire agency team to manage client accounts with role-based permissions. Segment client accounts into separate and protected groups while retaining a bird’s eye view of your entire client roster.

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Reliable Support

SiteDetour has the support you need to operate and deliver results to your clients confidently. Our team is on standby to ensure that you can deliver results to your clients quickly and consistently.

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Target Audiences and Drive Results That Wow Your Clients.

Avoid wasting time and money by using Audience Builder to leverage targeted audiences and make sure your campaigns reach the right people.


  • Visitor's Country

  • Visitor's Continent

  • Radius on a map


  • Visitor's Day of Week

  • Visitor's Hour of Day

  • Visitor's Time of Day

  • Day of Week in UTC Timezone

  • Hour of Day in UTC Timezone

  • Time of Day in UTC Timezone

  • Visitor's Timezone

Web Browser:

  • Web Browser

  • Visitor's Device Type

  • Visitor's Operating System

  • Visitor's Preferred Language

  • Visitor's Referrer Type

HTTP Traffic:

  • Request Query Parameters

API connection for more powerful SiteDetour functionality.

Integrate all of SiteDetour’s powerful features into your current stack with our API.

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Ship Better Campaigns, Faster.

Discover the power of SiteDetour’s dynamic link capabilities, robust security, unparalleled up-time, and precise analytics to elevate your marketing campaigns. Quickly deliver high-quality results with confidence, ensuring your clients return time and again. Sign up now to transform your agency's capabilities and take your campaigns to the next level.

A More Dynamic Agency

Dynamic links let you ship with confidence knowing that you can easily update update any links you have circulating.

A More Informed Agency

Real-time Analytics help you make more informed decisions faster and also help you report confidently, so your clients are always aware of the great work you’re doing for them.

Marketing working together to manage URL Redirects

Keep Clients Coming Back For More

From managing redirects for website migrations and domain changes to creating dedicated landing page URLs on the fly, SiteDetour lets your team outperform the competition and over deliver for each of your clients.