Built to Save You Time

Streamline your Redirects & QR Codes with features like advanced visitor targeting, realtime traffic analytics, a public API, SSO and much more.

Industry-leading Redirection Solution

Effortless HTTPS (SSL/TLS), intuitive path-based redirection rules, realtime traffic analytics, DNS apex/root domain compatibility, a public API, and sophisticated personalization features – all within an user friendly redirection platform.


Seamless QR code and Redirect management with SiteDetour's user-friendly platform. Our intuitive and efficient workflows empower you to effortlessly manage your redirects and QR codes.

The ultimate QR Code Solution

Modernize your marketing with our top-notch QR code solution. Personalize QR codes with your brand logo, effortlessly update destinations, and leverage real-time customization based on time, location, and more

Powerful features you need

Automated HTTPS (SSL/TLS) support, path-based redirection rules, real-time traffic statistics, DNS zone apex support, a public API, real-time personalization, and more. All built on top of a world-class, scalable hosting architecture powered by AWS.

Personalized Audiences

Personalize redirects and QR codes with over 30 Targeting metrics such as
"Geographic Location", "Time of Day" and much more.

Constantly Innovating

Our team works year-round adding new features and improving the overall SiteDetour platform.

Built for individuals and businesses.

Built for both individuals and businesses, our platform provides an easy-to-use solution for creating and managing Redirect and QR codes. With advanced features and a streamlined workflow, you can transform your digital marketing strategy with ease.
Automatic HTTPS

Automatic HTTPS

Any redirect you create via SiteDetour will automatically be secured via HTTPS. We automatically provision an SSL certificate for your domain. No need to provide your own certificate files, we'll take care of it all via Let's Encrypt.

Real-time Personalization of Redirect & QR Code Behavior

Real-time Personalization of Redirect & QR Code Behavior

Personalize how visitors will be redirected based on your unique logic and business rules. Segment your visitors and serve targeted, specific redirects to your audiences.

Traffic Analytics and Insights

Traffic Analytics and Insights

Access real-time traffic histograms, slice and dice your traffic by date, and identify useful trends about your visitors. Analyze what country your visitors originate from, summarize your popular referring domains, and much more.

Multi-User / Teams Support

Multi-User / Teams Support

Invite your team members to manage your SiteDetour account. Control user permissions using role-based access control rules to restrict users and API accounts to the proper level of access.


Flexibility Where It Counts

Customize redirects based on the requested path/folder, persist query-string parameters, forward portions of the request URI, and even personalize redirect behavior based on visitor targeting rules. All managed from an intuitive dashboard, with real-time traffic statistics and more.

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Smart QR COdes

The first and only QR Code Generator to support Realtime personalization

Create professional and engaging QR codes with ease and precision, and optimize user experiences with real-time personalization

Dynamic QR codes that can be updated at any time, even after printing.
Personalize where your QR codes scan to in real-time, based on visitor criteria such as geolocation, device type and more.
Customize your QR codes with brand-specific options like color, style, logo and more.
Download high-quality QR code images in multiple formats, including SVG, for maximum flexibility and easy integration.
Web Browser
Device Type
Visitor's Language
Over 20 targeting metrics

Real-time audience targeting

Personalize user experiences and target your desired audience with precision. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with SiteDetour's advanced audience matching capabilities
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