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Redirect Hosting for Agencies

SiteDetour’s agency-level redirect services provide flexible pricing, convenient integrations, and a range of other benefits that make it an easy choice across all industries.

Let SiteDetour Handle Your Redirects

From managing redirects for website migrations and domain changes to creating dedicated landing page URLs on the fly, SiteDetour takes the burden and responsibility off your team and instantly levels up your agency’s technical capabilities. Perfect for companies that manage a large volume of websites and pages, SiteDetour’s easy-to-use platform not only saves time and manpower, but it’s backed by a cutting-edge tech stack that promises the kind of reliability and efficiency that is difficult to achieve with an in-house solution. And if you ever need assistance, you’ll have a team of specialists on your side to help you find and implement the most effective solutions.
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The Benefits of Offloading Redirect Hosting

Fully Automated SSL Certificates and HTTPS hosting

Traditionally, setting up a redirect means you need to buy an SSL certificate, host the redirect on a server, and renew the certificate on a regular basis. SiteDetour instantly handles all those steps for you, so you can have the redirects you need up and running within seconds.

Real-Time Analytics for Your Domains

Accurate, on-demand data is vital to running a successful business. SiteDetour simplifies your analytics by providing real-time performance data on your redirects within our intuitive dashboard, complete with all the metrics and visualizations you need to understand your users.

Unparalleled Reliability

Don’t take any chances with your redirects — our purpose-built platform promises 99.95% uptime, ensuring the kind of reliability that most agencies simply can’t match with in-house solutions.

Multi-User / Teams Support

SiteDetour makes it easy for teams to manage and monitor their redirects and analytics. Control user permissions using role-based access control rules to restrict users and API accounts to the proper level of access.

Specialists on Your Side

SiteDetour’s team of experts are ready to guide you through website migrations, domain changes, and more. We’ll find the perfect solution for your agency’s unique needs and make sure everything is implemented properly.

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Flexible Pricing for Agencies

SiteDetour is designed for agencies and companies with similar needs, so our pricing is modeled to suit how your business works. Rather than forcing you to pay for a high limit, our Business tier scales with your needs, with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing based on the number of domains configured.

API for Integrations

SiteDetour can be integrated with existing web services using our convenient API. This lets your clients and team members seamlessly create redirects themselves, as well as pull reporting info and traffic statistics into their own dashboards and visualization tools with ease.

Get Started With SiteDetour

Our team will happily walk you through our platform and pricing to find a solution that perfectly fits your agency’s unique needs. The best part? You can try SiteDetour and experience all its benefits absolutely free.