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Managing Users

SiteDetour supports the ability to invite multiple users to share access resources within a a single SiteDetour account.

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User Management in SiteDetour in straightforward and allows the ability to invite an unlimited number of users into your organization. Your organization's users are managed centrally from the SiteDetour Organization page:

Permission Levels

SiteDetour uses a Role-Based Access Control model for managing individual user permissions. There are currently four distinct user roles available:

  1. Owner: A reserved, super-user permission. Your organization's Owner has the highest level of permission, granting access to your Billing and Subscriptions. The organization's owner can be changed by contacting support. The owner of the organization has full read + write access to the organization's redirects, analytics, and users.
  2. Administrator: Organization Administrators are able to perform all actions within the SiteDetour console, except for modifying the organization's subscription (this is reserved for the organization owner). Administrators have full read + write access to the organization's redirects, analytics, and users.
  3. View/Edit: Users with "View/Edit" access have full read + write access to the organization's redirects, analytics, but do not have the ability to manage users within the organization.
  4. Read Only: Users with "Read Only" access exclusively have read access to the organization's redirects, and analytics. These users cannot modify redirects, nor can they manage users within the organization.

Inviting New Users

You are free to add as many users to your organization as needed. The following fields are required for adding a new user:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Selected Access Level
When inviting a new user, their email address must be validated before they are able to use SiteDetour or our API. An invitation email is automatically sent to new users prompting them to verify their email address.

New users will be asked to specify their desired password upon verifying their email address.

API Access

SiteDetour is backed by a robust REST API for robust integrations. All functionalities of the SiteDetour console are available via our API.

Each user within your organization can generate an API key to facilitate API requests. When calling the SiteDetour API, the permission level of the user whose token is passed in the HTTP request will be applied. For more information, please refer to our knowledge base article on API integrations.

Single Sign On (SSO)

If your organization is configured to use SSO, you must add each user that will be signing into SiteDetour via the Organization page. There is no synchronization of user accounts from your IDP. Once the user has been added to your SiteDetour organization, they can seamlessly authenticate via the standard SSO Login page.