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Pay-as-you-go plan

SiteDetour offers a "pay as you go" subscription that dynamically bills you based on the number of domains and dynamic QR codes hosted.

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If your organization requires a more flexible payment plan, where the number of redirects is not yet defined, SiteDetour offers the option to pay based on your exact usage. This plan allows offers more flexibility, allowing you to scale up (and down) the number of redirects, and only pay for what you're using.

With this on-demand pricing plan, you pay for the exact number of redirects used, without the need to renegotiate or adjust account upper-limits in the future. If you no longer need to host certain redirects, you will be able to simply delete them from the platform and your next monthly billing cycle will reflect the updated quantity. Conversely, if you suddenly need to add additional redirects to your account, you will be able to do so as well.

Pricing Breakdown

For any amount of redirects 120 and below, there would be no change to our current pricing. Your account would fall into one of three subscription tiers detailed on our pricing page.

For any amount of redirects over 120, a graduated pricing model would be applied that uses cheaper pricing per redirect with each bucket. The screenshot below shows a detailed breakdown.

Subscribing to this plan

To subscribe to this plan, simply visit the billing page within your SiteDetour account and subscribe to the Business plan.