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Real-time Traffic Statistics

SiteDetour offers real-time traffic statistics for all of your redirected domains and dynamic QR codes.

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SiteDetour features a robust analytics engine for obtaining real-time traffic statistics for your hosted redirects. Traffic statistical data is conveniently charted at the individual redirect level, as well as an organization-wide level.

Available Metrics

  1. Hit Counter: Trailing 24 Hours, Trailing 7 days, Trailing  30 days.
  2. Traffic Histogram: Plots traffic/hits (Y axis) vs. time (X axis). The supported granularities include: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Date pickers allow you to drill into custom date ranges with your respective granularity.
  3. Geographies: View the top countries where your traffic originates from. A pseudonymized IP address is used to determine what country your visitor is in.
  4. Referring Domains: View a breakdown of which domain names visitors are visiting your redirects from. These values are "sanitized" to remove query-parameters and paths, leaving simply the domain name of the HTTP referrer, to quickly identify popular traffic sources.
  5. Request Protocol: View a breakdown of HTTP vs. HTTPS requests for your redirects.
  6. Referrer Sources: Identify the classifications of your visitors and the means by which they access your redirects, including: Organic Search, Paid Search (PPC), Social Media, Referrals, Direct Traffic.
  7. Device Types: View a breakdown of mobile vs. tablet vs. desktop visitors as a percentage of your redirect traffic.

API Capabilities

The SiteDetour API can be used to query traffic statistics about your redirects. For specific details on the API endpoints support, please visit our API knowledge base page.

Privacy & GDPR/CCPA

SiteDetour never stores any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about visitors accessing your redirects. IP addresses are pseudonymized prior to performing any Geo-IP location queries. On a per redirect basis, SiteDetour users can elect to have the tracking and statistics feature disabled.