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Teams Support

SiteDetour offers the ability to segment your users into teams to have granular control over permissions within your SiteDetour account.

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We're excited to announce a new feature in SiteDetour: the ability to create and manage teams within your organization's account. This feature enhances collaboration and resource management, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

What are Teams?

Teams in SiteDetour are logical groupings of users within your organization. They serve as a way to organize users based on project, department, or any other criteria suitable for your organization's needs. Defining teams within your SiteDetour organization allows segregating access to different SiteDetour resources within various groups of your organization.

The Problem Solved by Teams

In many organizations, resources like redirects, QR codes, and audiences need to be managed separately by different departments or groups. The challenge is to ensure that each group only accesses resources relevant to them, without compromising the efficiency of managing these resources from a single SiteDetour account. Teams in SiteDetour effectively solve this problem by allowing:

  1. Segregation of Access: Different groups within your organization can manage their specific resources without interfering with others.
  2. Single Account Management: Even with segregated access, "power users" or administrators can oversee and manage all resources from one SiteDetour account.
  3. Controlled and Isolated Access: Through user groups and memberships, access to resources is controlled and isolated, enhancing security and efficiency.

How Teams Work

  1. Create and Manage Teams: Administrators can create multiple teams, each representing a different group within the organization.
  2. User Association: Users can be members of multiple teams, aligning with their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Resource Association: Each resource is associated with one team at a time, ensuring targeted access control.
  4. Flexible Access Rights: Teams control which resources a user can access, based on their team memberships.


Teams in SiteDetour are a powerful solution for organizations seeking to maintain efficient, secure, and segregated access to various resources within a singular account. This feature not only enhances organizational efficiency but also strengthens security protocols by ensuring appropriate access levels.